• Drew @ BLKMGC

This Week in Building Black Magic - March 5th, 2021

These last seven days have been instrumental in positioning the business to move forward, but definitely nothing interesting from an outside perspective.⁠

We have commercials and webinars in the works for clients, which of course translates to long, loooong hours spent in front of a computer on top of regular content creation.⁠

We acquired a new client for a ground-up website design, which is always a fun and rewarding process. The creative process of building something from nothing is incredibly enjoyable.⁠

Additionally we agreed to a logo redesign for an existing client looking to update their branding.⁠

Finally of note is the return to "good as new" condition for the Mavic. Drone piloting is no walk in the park, especially when paired with the task of capturing quality photo and video content, and back during our first week of ownership we had a little mishap.⁠

The Mavic Air 2 escaped surprisingly unscathed minus a single landing leg being snapped, props to DJI for the quality equipment. We'll be investing in their new FPV drone capable of ~90MPH very soon to aid in the goal of producing exciting automotive content.⁠

The FAA licenses drone pilots like us to 100MPH maximum speeds. No reason not to take full advantage of it, right?

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