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This Week in Building Black Magic - March 26th, 2021


What a week! Been a long time coming to see business pop off in such a positive manner - and all at once - but between the opportunities popping up here and the setup needed over at the bar we had our hands full from dawn to dusk this week. Let's hit the highlights day by day:

Monday started the week off with double-duty filming, beginning with our commercial promo and ending with our webinar clients. In between filming we managed to find time to sketch some designs for an upcoming Black Magic creative project that'll be unveiled in coming weeks.

More of the same on Tuesday, day two of filming, sneaking in side projects and calls wherever we found a spare moment.

Wednesday was phone calls and feedback. We touched based with clients informing them that this coming weekend will involve minimal and delayed communication at best but that we had plans in the works for us to deliver more quality content on their behalf more efficiently than ever before.

Thursday was edits, edits, edits. Editing rough cuts for clients. Editing sections of our website incongruent with services we currently offer. Editing ad campaigns both for ourselves and others. Editing proposals and pitches to potential clients slated to be sent out next week.

And then there was Friday. Friday involved checks and rechecks, making sure everything was set to be (mostly) automated throughout the weekend on our end due to being heavily preoccupied with reopening the bar (my other profession) after more than a year closed.

Next week we've got several new projects taking shape and will be spending the majority of our time handling production services to get out ahead of the time constraints said projects will put us under.

Vague, we know. But that's where we're at currently. Happy Spring, Happy Friday, and we'll catch up with you next week!

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