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This Week in Building Black Magic - March 19th, 2021

Spring is in the air and the fairer weather has got myself and the greater population of Portland into a productivity frenzy.

Personally I'll be headed back to my other line of work (tentatively) next Friday, March 26th, going back to running a small speakeasy-style bar in Portland's Old Port after more than a year of being shut down. Between things ramping up here at Black Magic Media and all the odds and ends needing to be tied up down at the bar it's been a week of nonstop projects, phone calls, and meetings.

It's been an abrupt change of pace compared to how the last 365 days have gone, but things are on the upswing and I have no intention of letting any of these opportunities for growth and development pass me by.

But enough about that, back to business specifics!

This week we onboarded one client to full-time media management after several months of back and forth, getting details hammered out and settled. Very happy to have Steve Booth and his team at Total Property Service officially on the Black Magic Media roster. This weekend we'll be dropping an article explicitly dedicated to how we manage B2B client goals, as this is a very common question when it comes to the legitimacy and efficacy of a social media presence for local brick-and-mortar-type businesses.

We also secured a new large commercial project for promotional videos this week. Filming begins next week.

Finally, exciting new upgrades on the technical side of the business are coming through! We've added a new computer for video editing purposes - specifically mobile ones. Next up is camera body and drone upgrades to take full advantage of 4K video processing capabilities.

Next week stands to be even crazier than this one in terms of balance due to finalizing bar preparations, filming for several clients, and general online presence management as always, but with the weekend open to get a head start I hope we'll be plenty prepared to take it all head on.

Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend.

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