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This Week in Building Black Magic - March 12th, 2021

What a week!

Starting off strong with exciting filming and an even more exciting final edit, our ice racing reel ended up garnering several new Instagram followers after a small promotional boost. Well on our way to the 250 we're shooting for by the end of the month.

Production this week involved finalization of a webinar series on crystals (yes, you read that right) and finalization of a client commercial for a Facebook ad campaign. Demographic targeting and tweaking begins this coming week.

We had the pleasure of pitching two potential new clients and networking with another agency in the Portland area as well these last few days. Always a pleasurable experience to show others how we can assist them in reaching their goals.

Finally, let's talk about the really fun part: researching and shopping around for equipment upgrades.

While the equipment we currently have is more than capable of handling projects for online distribution purposes, the goal of Black Magic Media Development is to be as efficient and dynamic as possible - meaning if there's any opportunity for us to do it bigger, faster, and better, we're going for it.

DJI's new FPV drone, as we've mentioned several times previously, is very high on the list of imminent upgrades. Capable of 90MPH, this will be key to unlocking doors in the automotive industry here in New England, among many other unique and exciting potential projects.

New camera bodies and lenses are always a topic of discussion and speculation due to the rapid rate of innovation in glass and processing power nowadays. Sony's A7 series seems to be the next landing point, but that jump won't be made until it's absolutely certain we can supplement a new camera body with accompanying lenses of the same quality to truly capitalize on the next tier of photo and video production.

And last but not even close to least: Computer upgrades. We're in pretty significant need of a mobile workstation (IE a laptop) that can keep up with us on the go. While the current workstation we have is a phenomenal piece of equipment, we're anchored to the desk it lives on. In most cases this isn't a problem, however the ability to turn media projects around same day if needed or operate live in real time with clients is an opportunity we certainly can't pass up.

Next week we anticipate one new client onboarding process, possibly pulling the trigger on some of those upgrades, and a heavy focus on putting together pitch kits to send to prospective clients we believe we can assist.

In the meantime, happy Friday, enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend.

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