• Drew @ BLKMGC

This Week in Building Black Magic - February 19th, 2021

Since getting the name out and building a larger client base is the current goal, this week's primary focus was on developing an ad campaign for the business. While some finishing touches still need to be added overall I believe we'll have something solid to start marketing with within the next two weeks.⁠

The aerial portfolio planning took a turn in a slightly different direction than we had originally planned this week due to inclement weather preventing flight, but we still managed a solid few clips to use for stock imagery. Not as planned, but it worked out anyway.⁠

Finally the other large project we started tackling in between client work was beginning a redesign of the current website. While it's not a terrible showcase of recent work, I believe in using all resources to their full potential, and to be blunt the website isn't used as optimally as it could be. This is a long term project and won't be finished anytime soon, but breaking it down into individual pieces to modify each week I know it'll come to bloom in time.⁠

Have a great weekend.

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