• Drew @ BLKMGC

This week in Building Black Magic - February 12th, 2021

As mentioned earlier this week, we officially received word on our FAA Part 107 licensing - we're remote pilots. Exciting opportunity, but now the real work begins of creating a portfolio and garnering clients for that line of work.⁠

Today we finally heard back from the IRS regarding our employer identification number, the essential little string of digits necessary to open a business bank account. A solid lesson learned from this for sure considering the process would've taken all of five minutes had we done it online rather than the old fashioned way of mailing the application in.⁠

Thankfully this was the last piece of the "legality" puzzle associated with putting the business together, a process I'll cover more in-depth in coming weeks in the hopes it'll give others a better understanding of what's needed to properly start an LLC.⁠

Have a great weekend.

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