• Drew @ BLKMGC

This Week in Building Black Magic - February 5th, 2021

Fridays here on @buildingblackmagic will be dedicated to recaps of progress made moving the business forward throughout the week, or obstacles and challenges encountered,, and to start things off we have a couple solid updates.⁠

First and foremost, Monday we passed our @FAA remote pilot exam, allowing us to apply - and hopefully be approved - for a sUAS remote pilot license, which will permit use of drones for commercial use. The FAA estimates approximately a 7 day turnaround on applications so we're expecting to hear back next week.⁠

Secondly, our clients @mettamovesme officially dropped their new webinar series dedicated to all things yoga, starting with a series I assisted them in creating introducing the concept of Mindfulness, why it's important, and best practices of it.⁠

Third and finally we were put in touch with a new potential client, which of course is always good news. While details haven't been hammered out yet, it's an exciting opportunity due to the unique industry the prospective client works in and demographic they cater to.⁠

A solid week, all in all. Have a great weekend.

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