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Effective B2B Social Management - Hit Them When They Least Expect It

"I'm in a business to business industry, there's really no point in having social media."

You sure about that? Last time I checked businesses were run by people, and it's more likely that someone is on social media than not nowadays.

For real. You can Google that statistic.

B2B marketing via social media isn't just doable; it's tremendously effective, contrary to popular opinion.

Picture this: a manager at a firm is tasked with finding a new payroll company to work with. During their working hours they peruse Google and the various websites of local accounting firms looking for a good fit. But of course, as usual, the websites are stuffy and dry and have very little relevant information outside of general contact information to reach out and hopefully speak to a representative of the company.

Thirty minutes into this task and a few "contact us" forms later, they're bored as shit. And because contact forms on websites are both excessively formal and borderline prehistoric the companies see the inquiry and file it away to reach out to Manager later in the week.

Fast forward to 7:30PM the same day: Manager is now at home scrolling through Facebook while binging their latest Netflix docuseries. They haven't given a second thought to the payroll company search since their snooze-fest earlier that day.

Suddenly a post appears from XtraGood Payroll Services Inc., a company that's been establishing their brand over the last several months on platforms like Facebook, and just recently began running a sponsored ad campaign targeting employees of potential clients. XtraGood, using the tools available through Facebook ads, took a post they made about the benefits and drawbacks of DIY payroll vs. outsourcing and promoted it to make sure it appeared in Manager's feed.

Manager's curiosity leads them to check out XtraGood's Facebook page, where they've shared several posts a week about various aspects of payroll - and even made some jokes about how "routine" their work tends to be. Manager gets a little chuckle and returns to scrolling and Netflixing.

The next morning Manager sits down at their desk and remembers they need to make a decision about what payroll company to go with. They can't remember a damn thing about any of the companies they looked up yesterday, and only one even bothered to email them back promptly.

What a hassle.

But then Manager remembers XtraGood's post from last night. After all, they seem pretty competent considering they had a bunch of useful posts on their page and a handful of five star reviews. Manager hops back on Facebook, finds their page, and sends them a direct message.

Twelve minutes later, XtraGood replies via Facebook Messenger and asks for a good time to call. They connect via phone, arrange a meeting, and finalize a deal for XtraGood to handle Manager's payroll for the next 12 months.

This is a purely hypothetical example of a very real interaction and strategy that works every single day across the world. B2B marketing of this type is tremendously effective, working primarily by circumventing the traditional methods of marketing and directly reaching out to decision makers at real companies in a manner that's inviting and memorable.

Social media is a sector of the internet designated for use by people rather than businesses.

But businesses are run by people, so why not reach them when they're psychologically primed to just be "people" rather than "businesspeople?" It makes for a much more memorable experience.

Instead of focusing on the prim and proper website landing page and the excessively official "contact us for a quote" section, build up your social profiles with quality, valuable content. Place your information in a section of the internet where people are primed to receive information, and offer up your business for them to recall the next time they require a service like yours.

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