Top Gun. Iron Eagle.

Both movies released in 1986, both movies about fighter pilots, but one grossed just over $24 million and the other a whopping $356 million. One is an American cinematic classic that skyrocketed Tom Cruise to superstardom and was chosen for preservation by the Library of Congress; the other is little known outside of military and movie buff circles despite three successive sequels.

The kicker? Top Gun's filming budget was $3 million less than Iron Eagle.

They're nearly identical movies, both regarded as pioneering the most realistic (at the time) aerial dogfighting scenes in cinema, so what the hell is the difference?

Top Gun told a better story.

Watch Iron Eagle and you'll think to yourself, "Man, it'd probably be pretty cool to be a fighter pilot."

Watch Top Gun and you'll find yourself on Google researching what the prerequisites are for the United States Air Force.

Top Gun brought The X Factor, it pulled you into the world of fighter pilots and made you feel like you belonged there, all while offering just enough cheesy lines and ridiculous scenes (ahem, volleyball anyone?) to make it stand out in your head every time you think of 80's action flicks, fighter jets, or aviator shades.

So what does this have to do with us, you ask? Simply put: we turn your story into Top Gun. Your business, your brand, your service, your story already has all the pieces necessary to be a powerhouse, otherwise you wouldn't have made it this far. We just take all those pieces and communicate them to the world in the most compelling and persuasive way possible through the most effective channels available in present day.

Iron Eagle is by no means bad. We just don't want you to be Iron Eagle when you could be Top Gun.



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